Dare to be different

As our last article ended on a foodie note, we open up and let you peak deeper into our concept. We set up to build Buftea Events under the premise that we were tired of all events being so alike. We wanted to step out of the ordinary and allow our guests to truly enjoy a unique, out of the ordinary experience, from all perspectives.

One of the most important aspects of an event is the food being served. Although most people have a conception that individuals do not attend events for the food, it is truly false. Myself and I’m sure a large number of people go to events particularly for the food. Even if you do not attend for the food, a few hours in you will become hungry. If one is not fed they will start looking for other sources and migrating.

The past few years, living in New York I have attended many weddings, although I can’t say any have been traditional Romanian food. Once I moved back I was not only shocked by the 5-course meal that was offered at weddings, but the number of appetizers stuffed on a plate. You can see on the left side the traditional plate I am currently picturing in my mind. Not only the course lacks in plating but there are many options that do not go with each other. For a vegetarian or vegan person the options are limited.

To move past this bizarre option, we decided that people needed to be fed. Instead of serving 500 portions composed of 8 different things we decided to reinvent the wedding appetizers by replacing the traditional individual course with a sharing one. By sharing we mean that the different appetizers will be served family-style on the middle of the table, enabling the guests to take as much as they please only from the meals they like. Through this option we not only allow our guests to eat a bigger quantity of what they like but much less goes to waste. With a full stomach your guests will be ready to start the party.


Treat your guests to an unforgettable experience, that they will talk about for months.

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