First steps in planning a wedding

As we embarked on a journey to fulfil our clients deepest wishes we soon came to realize that most people although dream of the perfect event don’t know how to start planning. To state the obvious the first and most important step deciding the average number of guests you want in your event. Once this primordial first step is established the real planning can commence.

The most important aspect of an event, around which everything revolves is the location. As they say “Location Location Location”. Whether it is summertime or wintertime it is key to have access to outdoor space and for that matter space in general. You don’t want your guests to start feeling crammed. You need them to have the luxury to calmly find a parking spot and deposit their car. Choosing a venue with outside space enables more divertissement options, such as a live BBQ or fireworks.

Once you have chosen your location you need to choose a theme. Once I say theme you do not necessarily need to think about a costume party but more of the area you want to take your events towards. Per say some themes could be; romantic, bohemian, vintage etc. Choosing a theme is important as it becomes easier to build your event if you have foundation pillars.

A theme supports all the planning that comes into an event. From the food and beverages, you will want to serve to the décor of your location. Once you have chosen a theme it is easier to continue building up your entertainment set.

After deciding the location as well as theme it is key to book your entertainment so you can assure that you will have the people you want. It is always better to plan everything through your event curator as you do not want to hassle yourself with technicalities. If you choose to go through with the bookings on your own make sure you give the contacts to your event planner. It is important that your booking contract include a technical rider as you do not want to realize on your special day that your band is missing items key to their performance.

Once you relinquished yourself of the responsibility of providing entertainment for the night you can move forward the more fun part of the planning, which is the decorations. You need to decide the type of message you want to send and how you want to make your guests feel. If the venue is set up to formally your guests won’t feel comfortable enough to relax and enjoy, although if it’s not formal enough they would feel cheated out of an experience. The venue needs to also represent the hosting party. The venue needs to be a mirror of your personality, reflecting your colours. Setting up a photo-corner enables you as well as your guests to have a physical memory representative of the event you have partaken in.

After all the technicalities and infrastructure has been decided on it is time to move towards choosing what you will be serving. The menu is one of the most difficult parts as you need to consider making happy a large number of different people. Most events are formed of individuals from different backgrounds and different groups of friends which is why is hard to make everyone happy. If you do not want to complicate yourself with serving individual speciality menus such as vegetarian, gluten free or vegan, you need to build a menu that fits all taste. Per say for the appetizers you need to make sure you include protein (fish as well as white and red meat) raw options as well as cooked produces, and vegetarian. It is always suggested that your vegetarian choices be completely vegan so you can fit more categories such as gluten free, dairy free etc within one choice. The food should be arriving to your guests regularly to assure that nobody will become hungry. One of the biggest party killers is hunger, as people will leave in order to find food.

As soon as you are sure that most of the important parts of the event have been covered set out and send your invitations!

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